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contacting Tuck

For general questions and comments about her art, you can telephone Tuck at:

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If you wish to commission an original Rose or series of Roses the concept & images which Tuck has Dedicated to the Woman with Gynecologic Cancer — please use the following e-mail address:

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or call Tuck directly.

And if you’re in the area of Lyle, Washington — a small town on the north bank of the Columbia River, about half-way between Oregon’s Hood River (to the west) and The Dalles (to the east) — Tuck invites you to visit her new home-based art studio.

Tuck works in her studio most days, but is not yet keeping regular artist’s hours (for Tuck, who is an early bird rather than a night owl, this means early morning through mid-afternoon).


Thumbnail of oil painting No. 10 in Tuck's series, Horizons.

My mind wakes to
Mornings and thoughts go
Plans dreams and ideas
All come together
When light wakes me
I come alive
I am not a night person
I could never be called
A person of the night
I disappear in the dark
It’s not that I’m dead to the

There have been times when
In the desert I have awakened
To watch the constellations
Travel across the sky
Or the moon so bright on
The desert floor I can see my cat sitting
     on the Garden wall
Also watching the stars go by

Yet light from the moon
Though beautiful and full of mystery
does not wake my inner self
The night cannot fill my mind
With energy as does the
morning light

Tuck's signature


Studio visits by appointment only.
Mornings preferred.


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