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project: Dry Hollow Vineyards Mosaic

art glass mosaic by Tuck Contreras (e-copyright 2009)

Artist’s Mosaic for Dry Hollow Vineyards, cut art glass set in plaster; approx. 3 x 5 ft.

Tuck’s mosaic reproduces an actual grape cluster from a vine in the Dry Hollow Vineyards. Walking in the vineyards one morning during the autumn of 2005, Tuck noticed that the play of sunlight and sky at that time of year made the surrounding leaves and grapes glow like glass.

To create the mosaic, Tuck worked from photos taken that day in the Dry Hollow Vineyards. She transformed these into hand drawings, then resized the final image to fit the proportions of the winery’s chimney where the mosaic is mounted.

The grape cluster mosaic is made entirely from cut art glass. The glass has a unique metallic property which captures the varied reflections of sky, leaves, grapes, and earth as Tuck experienced these while strolling through the vineyards on that fine fall day.

detail from an art glass mosaic by Tuck Contreras (e-copyright 2009)

A detailed look at the intricacy of the glass mosaic work in Tuck’s art for Dry Hollow Vineyards.

art glass mosaic by Tuck Contreras (e-copyright 2009)

An in-process look at the installation of the art glass mosaic over the winery chimney. Tuck did the entire project, including the chimney’s finish plaster and tile surround (not yet grouted in this picture), herself.

The plaster in which the mosaic is set combines a sand mix of finely-ground silica and garnet with clay from the soil of Dry Hollow Vineyards. The very fine cob and deep earth tones of the plaster enhance the reflective properties of the glass.

Tuck completed and installed the mosaic on the winery’s chimney in February 2006.

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