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project: Rose No. 1

Rose No. 1 of 9 in Tuck's series, Roses (e-copyright 2009)

The 1st of 9 panels in Tuck’s 2007 artwork, Nueve Rosas. Mixed media (acrylic paints, copper, art glass, metallic pen & metallic powder) on canvas. 16 x 24 in.

(NOTE: titling added for this use only; there is no writing, other than the artist’s signature, on the actual art.)

This is the first of nine panels in Tuck’s 2007 mixed-media series, Nueve Rosas (Nine Roses), which she has dedicated to The Woman with Gynecologic Cancer.

Each floral panel is constructed on canvas, mounted to ¼-inch hardboard, for a particularly striking effect, whether displayed singly or as part of a nine-panel set.

Bold and beautiful, this full-petaled rose blossom is ablaze with rich acrylic pigments, mixed with glass & copper highlights, resulting in a dramatic tableau of color, shape and texture.

Rose #1 (of 9) features copper on the leaf, and at bottom left; and copper powder, mixed with acrylic medium, on the upper right.


See this Rose in a new light, by having the artist re-create it (and/or other rose blooms from her Nueve Rosas) just for you.

Each Rose made by Tuck on commission will be a unique, mixed-media re-creation that will radiate beyond a simple still life. With a true mixed-media composition, you’ll be able to watch the play of light and changing colors (from the glass and copper) throughout the year.

A re-creation of the original concept by the artist also allows for changes and customization not possible with our giclĂ©e prints (which are mechanical reproductions from photographs, not artist’s re-creations).

When you commission one or more mixed-media Roses, you will have a chance to interact creatively with Tuck, and have her make Roses to order, especially for you ... and for the women with gynecologic cancer to whom each Rose is dedicated.


  Commissioned Rose #1 (of 9)

16" x 24". Custom hanging hardware, and paperwork to establish provenance, included. Artist’s re-creation, signed and dated, $1,344.00 USD.


NOTE: Alternate sizing, color palette, and media are available upon request. Please contact Tuck for details.


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